Scientific Traceability with Oritain

At Mountain Valley Honey have chosen to partner with Oritain, the world leaders in scientifically proving where honey comes from.

Oritain – a New Zealand based company with offices in the UK – can use their Scientific Traceability technology to prove that our honey is true to origin. They have taken samples of Mountain Valley Honey and tested these to create a fingerprint of origin. What this means is that we can now match any Mountain Valley Honey product found in market against this fingerprint to make sure it is consistent with our New Zealand origin. It’s kind of like the nifty science you see on CSI programmes!

Why do we do this? We want to reassure the people who enjoy our honey that it is safe and we have nothing to hide.

Want to find out more? Visit: oritain.com for more information on Oritain’s Scientific Traceability.



Pollen Testing

All of our batches of honey are pollen tested every season. The test results tell us the percentage of pollens found in the honey which then determines what we can call each batch.


Manuka Honey

All of our Manuka honey has been tested and certified to meet the MPI Manuka definition and the MG ratings are also tested and certified to ensure the honey you have purchased is true to label.