Bee Pollen Granules

Pollen can be consumed by adding it to your food, smoothie, hot drink or taking it straight. Bee pollen should always be taken with caution as it can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Bee pollen is a natural food. It is not a drug. Honeybee pollen contains every known vitamin, all of the minerals, proteins (amino acids), enzymes and coenzymes, fatty acids, and carbohydrates that our bodies need to sustain life, and all in perfect balance.

Bee Pollen cannot be duplicated in a laboratory, this assures you of a natural product, but watch for fillers. If it lists anything other than pollen as ingredients, it is not 100% pollen and most likely has had fillers added. Take Bee Pollen only in the WHOLE GRAIN natural form.

Bee Pollen is a complete food. The optimum of vigor and resistance to poor health and disease is gained by adding pollen to your diet EVERYDAY. Studies have shown that people can live indefinitely on a diet of Bee pollen and water. Chemical analyses show quality Bee Pollen contains every nutrient necessary to life — and something more, Some “magic” the bees put in. This very complex substance contains factors science has not yet been able to identify, and cannot synthesize. Bees Filter out Environmental Toxins!

Honey & Pollen contain only slight traces of residues from industrial emissions, car exhaust and agricultural chemicals because bees act as a biological filter: They die if they come into contact with toxins and thus do not bring pollutants into the hives. They’re picky about their pollen! Bee pollen has at least “…96 active nutrients, including 22 amino acids, 27 mineral salts, 16 vitamins (including B-12), trace elements, fatty acids, hormones and enzymes.” One pound of pollen is comparable to 15 pounds of fruits and veggies.

How Pollen Works In You

Our bodies were designed to fight off the diseases and infections that come our way everyday. A lack of any one nutrient can create serious problems for our immune systems. Pollen is a complete natural food source supplying all nutrients to maintain healthy immune systems and general overall good health. Bee pollen is the greatest “body-builder” on earth! Superb for enhanced athletic performance — and it is safe, it is all natural – no synthetic steroids! IMPORTANT! HONEYBEE POLLEN DOES NOT “CURE” ANYTHING. YOUR BODY HEALS ITSELF WITH PROPER NUTRITION.

Bee pollen is used to retard hardening of the arteries, to strengthen the circulatory system and combat the symptoms of illness and allergies. It is believed to regulate the function of the endocrine system, aid digestion, reduce stress and increase alertness and stamina. Bee pollen has more protein by weight than meat, fish or eggs! Bee pollen is the richest known vegetable source of steroid hormones which improve overall strength, muscle mass, endurance and sexual potency. Pollen is known to accelerate healing, and increase blood and sperm count.

How To Begin Eating Pollen

ADULTS: 1 teaspoon daily. Endurance runners and weight lifters can take 4-6 teaspoons a day. If you have allergies take Pollen in the morning and again in the afternoon. Pollen is totally safe to take even much larger doses.

CHILDREN: Start children out on 3 to 4 granules in the morning and build up to 1/2 teaspoon a day.

Please note that the body’s response to bee products varies from person to person, including the length of time for certain results to occur. It does not always guarantee total healing from every disease or illness. However, the overall results in all my customers has been positive in the area of improved health — many very dramatically. That is why, once a person has enjoyed the benefits of these products, they do not want to give it up or return to their old vitamins and medications.

A Swedish study has concluded that using bee pollen therapeutically can significantly decrease inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. It is believed to be the natural hormonal substances contained in bee pollen that help to support the male urinary and reproductive systems. Some researchers have suggested that men should take bee pollen after the age of 30 to help prevent the onset of prostate disorders. Bee pollen has also been found to greatly reduce the symptoms of menopause for women. A study conducted in Germany has revealed that the daily use of bee pollen is an excellent natural way to lower cholesterol with no side effects found in synthetic medications.

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