Explore New Zealand’s Unique Honey Varieties

In every jar of Mountain Valley Honey, there’s a story – a tale of New Zealand’s diverse landscapes, its unique flora, and the dedication of our bees. From the light and mellow Autumn Gold to the rich and aromatic Beech Honeydew, our range of honeys capture the very essence of New Zealand’s natural wilderness. Here’s a glimpse into the distinctive characteristics and flavours of our select honeys, each offering a unique taste of our native bushland.

Autumn Gold Honey

Our Autumn Gold Honey is an ode to the season of mellow fruitfulness, capturing the ripe intensity and warmth of autumn in every spoonful. With its light texture, rich stickiness, and a palate that balances mellow tastes with slightly toasty notes, Autumn Gold is a harmony of flavours. It melds the floral notes of honeys like Manuka, Clover, Kamahi, or Lotus with the heady sweetness of Beech Honeydew, creating a taste reminiscent of apricots and oranges. It’s our very own tribute to autumn’s abundant richness.

Native Bush Honey

A jar of Native Bush Honey is like taking a bushwalk through New Zealand’s native forests, accompanied by the playful fantail. This honey, with its buttery texture and rich blend of native florals including Beech Honeydew, Manuka, Kanuka, Kamahi, Five Finger, Hinau, and Lotus, is a real family favourite. It captures the essence of New Zealand’s native bush, offering a taste that’s as characterful and cheeky as the fantail itself.

Beech Honeydew Honey

Beech Honeydew Honey, with its silky texture and hints of berry, nectar, and caramel flavours, is an aromatic reminder of a day spent in the lakeside bush. This honey captures the big personality of its wild origins, produced as our bees gather droplets of honeydew from the trunks of beech trees. Packed with antioxidants and boasting strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Beech Honeydew Honey is a testament to the power and purity of nature.

Kamahi Honey

Sophisticated and elegant, Kamahi Honey boasts a smooth, soft texture followed by an intense, full-bodied flavour likened to molasses or toffee. Sourced from the creamy blossoms of the Kamahi tree, this honey is a favourite among our team for its versatility, particularly as a natural sweetener in coffee, where it adds a rich depth of flavour.

Kanuka Honey

Kanuka Honey is one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets. With its silky, light, and sweet floral taste, Kanuka is the shy cousin of Manuka, offering its own unique health benefits. High levels of hydrogen peroxide and anti-inflammatory properties make it a potential remedy for skin conditions such as rosacea, cold sores, and actinic keratosis. Whether applied topically or used as a fragrant face mask, Kanuka Honey is a natural treasure waiting to be discovered.

Manuka Honey

Our monofloral Manuka Honey is a testament to the uniqueness of New Zealand’s honey. With a full-bodied, grainy texture and a strong, earthy flavour, this honey is not only delicious but also boasts unique antibacterial properties. Sourced from the best trees located in New Zealand’s rugged wilderness, our red label Manuka Honey meets the MPI definition for monofloral Manuka Honey. It’s the darling of the honey world, cherished for its health benefits and mystical origins.

Mountain Valley Honey invites you to explore our stunning variety of flavours. Whether you’re new to the world of honey or a seasoned enthusiast, there’s always something new to discover with us. Experience the unique tastes of New Zealand’s honey, and let us bring the richness of our landscapes to your table.

Note: Mānuka, Kānuka and Kāmahi are Māori names and should actually be spelt with a macron, to show that the vowel is long. We have omitted the macrons here so people can find this article in Google searches. 

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