12 Days of Christmas

It’s beginning to feel like Christmas with Nicky already playing Christmas music (“Too early” says Murray) and freshly picked lilies filling the air.

We’ve decided to celebrate Christmas early with 12 days of amazing deals starting on the 1st of December.


Day 1 (1st Dec): Free Shipping on all orders over $95 to an NZ address.

Day 2 (2nd Dec): 25% Off Bee Pollen

Day 3 (3rd Dec): 25% Off Beeswax Wraps & Pockets

Day 4 (4th Dec): Get a FREE 250g Clover Honey if you spend over $75

Day 5 (5th Dec): Get 10% off Gift Boxes* when you spend over $80

Day 6 (6th Dec): Get a FREE Drizzler when you spend over $50

Day 7 (7th Dec): Buy any three 2kg jars and get a free 250g of Native Bush Honey

Day 8 (8th Dec): 15% off 1kg Glass Jars of Honey

Day 9 (9th Dec): Free Beeswax Wraps* when you spend over $100.

Day 10 ( 10th Dec): $30 Off our Wellbeing Gift Box

Day 11 ( 11th Dec): 25% OFF Mānuka Honey Black Label (514+ MGO)

Day 12 ( 12th Dec): 10% Off All Jars of Honey

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