6 Types of New Zealand Honey That Are Worth Trying

Honey is a natural sweetener and alternative to sugar that is an ideal supplement for tea, coffee, smoothies, pancakes, and toast. Aside from having a rich, delightful taste, this superfood is packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, and more that can potentially boost your health.

Manuka honey is perhaps the most famous honey in the World, and it is popular for its unique antibacterial properties. If you like this honey, you can also explore the wide array of options available for raw honey that caters to your taste, and you will fall in love with. 

Age, texture, and the location it was grown all affect the overall taste and experience that honey offers. Read the list below to discover more about the different varieties of raw honey in New Zealand:

1. Clover Honey

Wild clover honey has a pale gold colour, sweet aroma, mild sugary taste, and a smooth texture. What makes this honey an ideal ingredient for cooking is its excellent balance of delicate flavour and concentrated sweetness. It is a perfect match for bread, crackers, scones, oven-roasted fruits, and various desserts.

2. Kāmahi Honey

If you are looking for honey with an identifiable honey taste, then you should give Kāmahi honey a try. It has a pale, golden hue with a creamy texture. Its intense taste and aromatic notes give it a complex flavour, making it a great base to sweet sauces and sweetener to spicy dishes. It’s also the best sugar replacement in coffee, giving your cuppa a hint of caramel or burnt toffee.

3. Native Bush Honey

Native New Zealand Bush Honey is known for its mild herbal and fruity taste, strong aromas, and velvety texture. With its unique characteristics, you are sure to find this honey ideal for cooking, baking, and mixing beverages. Our Native Bush Honey contains a perfectly balanced blend of native New Zealand florals, including Beech Honeydew, Mānuka, Kānuka, Kamahi, Five Finger, Hinau and Lotus. It truly captures the essence of a walk in the native bush New Zealand is so famous for.

4. Kānuka Honey

Like Mānuka honey, Kānuka honey has a sweet, aromatic butterscotch taste. It has a buttery light colour and a clean finish. In addition, it has properties that hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, which makes this a great addition to your skincare routine.

5. Autumn Gold Honey

This honey is a beautiful warm hue and a light texture. It has relatively strong flavours and a hint of toastiness—perfect for marinades and dressings. With floral tones and a sweetness that’s hard to beat, Autumn Gold honey is sourced from the Buller and the Mt. Richmond Forest Park in areas where there is plenty of vegetation.

6. Rātā Honey

Rātā honey is sourced from the magnificently red flowers of the Rātā tree, native to New Zealand. Found in the coastal regions on New Zealand’s South Island, this honey is exceptional and will linger on your tastebuds. It is a smooth and buttery honey with a delicate, yet complex flavour. Its aromatic floral notes pair delectably with rich foods such as goat’s cheese and chicken.


Honey has a delicious taste and nourishing properties that make it a great addition to your recipes. It is perfectly paired with baked goods, teas, coffees, fruits, cheeses, and different desserts.

While Mānuka honey is considered New Zealand’s most popular honey, this country offers a diverse range of honey options that cater to every taste and need. With all the types you can choose from, it can sometimes be confusing to determine which type is best for you, but with the guide above, you can now hopefully find the honey that you are looking for.

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