A continuing journey towards sustainability for Mountain Valley Honey

As a primary producer, Mountain Valley Honey feels a connection to the land and the bees during the honey making process.

That’s why MVH know how easy it is to get caught up in the “convenience” options of today’s busy world.

But co-owner, Nicky Elwood, says it’s important to her and the business to continually look for ways to reduce their waste and use products that can be reused or repurposed.

“It’s important to us to be sustainable whilst ensuring our honey remains at the highest quality, and the product arrives to the customer safely.”

Mountain Valley Honey have been looking particularly at their use of plastics within their processes and how they can reduce it – and they’ve come up with a clever solution.

“Our 1kg jars are our most popular size in plastic, so it seemed natural to offer a glass option to our customers.

We have been on the lookout for an alternative to our 1kg plastic jars. So, when our New Zealand based supplier, Croftpak contacted us to say they had sourced a suitable glass jar, we were thrilled!”

For Nicky, the more Mountain Valley Honey can lessen their impact on the environment, the better.

“We live in a beautiful country and we produce truly outstanding food in New Zealand.

“So, it’s crucial we continue to search for options to step towards better sustainability and keeping the clean, green name that New Zealand is known and loved for.”

Nicky says their customers are great at giving feedback.

“We always take on board their suggestions and look at ways we can improve their honey experience.”

Mountain Valley Honey also have glass options for their 250g, 400g and 1.35kg jars.

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