An Ancient Love of Honey – The Gift of Nature

Even after so many years working with bees, we still think there is something quite miraculous about honey – it truly is a gift from nature.

Since ancient times, people have revered honey. The Greeks called honey ‘the nectar of the gods,’ and made special honey cakes as offerings to keep the gods on-side.

Some scholars even think that ambrosia, the legendary food of the gods, might have been a type of honey. 

But it was not just the Greeks — honey has associations across many ancient cultures. One of our favourite examples comes from Egypt, where it was believed that bees were the tears of the sun god Ra. Isn’t that a fantastic image? The bee is the symbol of the Hindu gods, Vishnu and Krishna, as well as many other deities.

Beehives in ancient Rome were large and intricate.

The gift of honey plays an important part in many cultural traditions, even today. In the Buddist tradition, monks are given honey to celebrate the Buddha’s bringing of peace. In Chinese religion, the Kitchen God, who reports to the gods about family conduct, is kept sweet by smearing honey on his lips. The perfect bribe!

Honey has deep romantic associations too — making it the ideal gift for your better half. 

Did you know the word honeymoon comes from the ancient practice of giving newlyweds a month’s supply of mead? Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is closely associated with honey — her son, Eros, was said to dip his arrows in honey before shooting them at unsuspecting mortals. 

And this idea is echoed in Indian mythology where Kama, the god of love, carries a bowstring made of bees. Maybe it is not such a surprise to hear that St Valentine is the patron saint of beekeeping!

Maybe it’s because the ancients understood that honey was not just the sweetest treat around, it was a valuable medicine, used to remedy illness, disinfect wounds and for embalming. 

Recent years have seen the rediscovery of ancient wisdom about honey. Modern research has started uncovering some astonishing facts about the antibacterial properties and complex enzymes contained in raw honey. All of which makes honey the perfect gift for somebody who deserves a little extra pampering. 

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After what has been a stressful and exhausting year for many, we like to think that little gestures, like the natural gift of honey, can really make somebody’s day. 

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