Bee Aware Month 2019

Every September we join Honey Lovers around New Zealand to celebrate the humble honeybee and everything they do. 

Bee pollination plays an important role in our agriculture and horticulture, not to mention they keep our gardens beautiful.

One of the best things you can do for our buzzy friends is plant a wide variety of flowers in your garden. 

The Pohutukawa tree which is also called the New Zealand Christmas tree is in full bloom around Auckland and bees are loving these red flowers

Free Wildflower Seeds

We’re giving away a free packet of wildflower seeds for every $50 you spend in September.

Every $50 (exc. postage) you spend in a single order gets you a pack of seeds included free with your order. Spend $100 and get two packets, spend $150 and get three packets, and so on.

While stocks last. Only for orders delivered to NZ address.

Planting these seeds will go a long to helping create a Bee-friendly environment in your garden.

Let’s help these hard little workers out!

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