Bee Aware Month, a chance to thank those getting behind the industry

Mountain Valley Honey is getting behind ‘Bee Aware Month’ this September by supporting stores that are doing good for the industry, like Commonsense, with a few BAM goodies!

It makes sense for Commonsense and Mountain Valley Honey to team up. They’ve been working side by side since Nicky and Murray Elwood bought the business 10 years ago.

In that time, Mountain Valley Honey has remained consistent and accessible, no matter what changes have occurred in the honey industry of Aotearoa, New Zealand, says merchandising manager for Commonsense, Teva Stewart.

“We really enjoy our relationship and we’re grateful to their commitment to sustainable beekeeping and in helping raise awareness of these wonderful little creatures,” he says.

“Bees are crucial to us at Commonsense because so much of what we grow and sell would not exist without them. Bees are a vital and fragile element of our ecosystem. At least one third of our food depends on honey bees for pollination.”

It is important for Commonsense to work with the land to grow and supply seasonal produce, so they feel a connection with the seasonal nature of Mountain Valley Honey’s delicious produce.

“Mountain Valley Honey allows the flowering each year to dictate the flavour of their honey. This element of following nature’s lead is something we find inspiring and endeavour to do ourselves.”

As Mountain Valley Honey and Commonsense are both family-owned and operated businesses that care about their people, they share the same kaupapa.

“For both of us, it’s important to provide customers with products that are as high-quality, natural and unprocessed as they can be while also working to protect the land used for future generations.”

Co-owner of Mountain Valley Honey, Nicky, couldn’t agree more.

“We work hard to provide good quality honey for our customers and treasure the land, the bees and the team involved, so we appreciate when stores such as Commonsense share the same ethos.”

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