Beeswax back in stock!

Mountain Valley Honey is excited to announce we now have beeswax back in stock!

Beeswax can be described as the honeybees building material, like wood or brick for humans.

It is produced by the worker bees, who use four pairs of glands under their abdomen and is produced when they gather nectar. Worker bees then use it to build the honeycomb to store the nectar in.

Pure beeswax is white, but can become yellow or orange, due to natural staining from the pollen and propolis gathered when the beeswax is being produced. The colour also varies depending on the type of nectar source the bees are gathering.

Our beeswax blocks are made from the wax left over at the end of the extraction process, where the wax is separated from the honey. We melt it down and pour it into moulds to create beeswax blocks.

The flecks sometimes visible within these blocks is simply darker coloured wax or propolis from the comb, when melted, the wax can have a lovely honey aroma. 

Beeswax can be used in a variety of ways. Its well-known uses are candles, reusable food wraps and furniture polish. But it also has many other uses, such as beeswax crayons, cheese waxing and Ukranian egg decorating, just to name a few!

Just like honey, when stored in cool dry conditions, such as the kitchen pantry, beeswax, whether in block or comb form has no expiry date. However, we recommend you keep it in a sealed container, to avoid wax moth burrowing into it and laying eggs.

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