Honey Makes the Heart Grow Warmer

Everyone loves a bit of comfort food to help stave off those wintry chills. And nothing beats coming home to the sweet scent of home baking. For extra delicious aromas in your kitchen, and a rich, homely taste, our Baker’s Honey is just the thing. 

Baker’s Honey has been around for a long time. Created during the extraction process, this honey is a blend of all our varieties of native New Zealand honey. Not a single drop of our beautiful honey is wasted because at the end of the extraction process we gather any honey that is left from the waxy frames or has dripped into catch trays. This becomes our Bakers Honey. 

Unlike our other honey (which are all raw and unpasteurized)Baker’s Honey has been heated to separate it from the wax remnants. This makes the honey runny — perfect for cooking and baking! 

Traditionally Bakers Honey was sold to cereal makers and bakeries, usually in large pails. One of our commercial customers has used our Bakers Honey to sweeten their bread and biscuits for over 15 years. They love it! 

A few years ago we realised that more and more home bakers were wanting to source local honey to use in their kitchens. We created our 2kg and 5kg Bakers Honey jars just for them. Of course, you can use raw honey for cooking, but Bakers Honey is much more cost-effective. 

Baker’s Honey has a bold caramel flavour with that uniquely New Zealand honey taste. If you love a strong honey you can even spread it straight on your toast. Cooks adore the deep, rich flavours that this honey contributes to different dishes. 

You can useBaker’s Honey to replace sugar, or in any recipe that calls for honey. It’s particularly wonderful with Christmas spices for winter puddings, chai latte or spicy cookies. Our customers tell us they use Bakers Honey to make muesli, marinades, bread, cookies and all sorts of other culinary creations. 

Even though some of the raw honey qualities are lost through heating the honey, there are still benefits of cooking with Bakers Honey instead of sugar. Honey is a simple, natural sugar, containing a range of minerals and vitamins. It also has a lower glycemic index than white sugar. That means honey doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels as fast as sugar, giving you a slower energy release. Some researchers are even investigating how honey may actually help to treat and prevent diabetes. Just remember, it is still a sugar, so make sure to eat it in moderation.

Unlike sugar cane,Baker’s Honey is a natural product made in New Zealand by our clever bees. That might seem a little thing, but it’s really important when you consider the environmental costs of buying processed foods that have had to travel across the globe to reach your pantry.

At first, it might seem expensive to use honey in baking, however, you can use a lot less than you think. That’s because honey’s high levels of fructose makes it taste much sweeter than sugar. The rich flavour ofBaker’s Honey also helps offset the need for sweetness.

If you grab a copy of our Honey Recipe Book, you’ll find a handy honey-to-sugar convertor in the back. And, make sure to check out our honey recipes section to find a collection of delicious recipes that use honey instead of sugar. 

You really can’t beat the wholesome flavour of honey. Our whole family loves baked goods made with honey. You have to be really quick to get a piece of Honey Anzac Slice around our beekeeping team! 

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