How to Use Your Wildflower Seeds

We are giving away packs of Wildflower seeds to help make your garden ‘bee-friendly’ in celebration of Bee Aware month this September.

Every $50 you spend* gets you a FREE packet of Wildflower seeds made of a carefully selected blend of seed-grown flowering plants that are high in nectar and pollen that bees love and thrive on. 

The Wildflower mix is put together by Kingseeds, and is suitable for our NZ conditions. The seed mix includes Rudbeckia, Thyme, Red Clover, Phacelia, Echium, Salvia, Cornflower and European Poppy.

Here are some steps to make your garden blooming beautiful in no time:

  1. Choose a good spot that gets all day sun
  2. Prepare the soil for sowing by removing unwanted vegetation and rough up the surface of the soil. Wildflowers don’t need large amounts of fertilizer, however, a dusting of lime is helpful to unlock the nutrients in the soil.
  3. Mix the Seeds with an inert carrier like damp sand or sawdust (1 part seed to 15-20 parts carrier)
  4. Scatter the mix evenly and gently rake in but do not cover the seed too deeply (1cm max).
  5. Water the seeds. Wildflower seeds require water to germinate but once established they can survive with very low rainfall. To start off, keep the soil lightly moist for 4-6 weeks.

Keeping weeds under control is critical to establish the wildflowers as the dominant species. Weeds should be eliminated as soon as they can be recognised, preferably by pulling them out by hand as spraying can be harmful to bees.

The mix should cover up to 20 square metres. The best time to sow are early spring through to early autumn – so get planting! Pretty soon your garden will be buzzing with happy bees. 

Our seeds are provided by Kingseeds. Make sure to visit them at for all your planting needs.

*Every $50 you spend in a single order (excluduing postage costs) in September will get you a free packet of Wildflower seeds. Only for orders sent to an NZ address. While stocks last.

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