Into the Honey Pot — and Beyond.

The journey of our honey, from the hive to the pot, and finally to our customers, is made up of a series of very special moments. Whether it is a single healthy bee landing on a wildflower or the careful smoothing of a label, we believe each and every moment contributes to making our honey so special. 

That’s why we love being hands-on at every stage, taking pride in all the little things that really make a difference.

Our philosophy of being as gentle as we can, so as to ensure our honey retains all of its natural goodness, is reflected in our decanting process.  

It takes 5-7 days to slowly bring a batch of honey up to the same temperature it would be in the hive — around 35 degrees Celsius. Honey at this temperature flows beautifully into the packing tank, and from there straight into the jars.

We also put a lot of thought into the honey pots themselves and take care to source local and ethical products. For us, the packaging is a balancing act between ensuring our honey arrives in perfect condition through its delivery journey, whilst doing our very best to be sustainable, and stay open to new ideas. 

Our pots and jars are supplied by New Zealand companies, we like to use NZ suppliers wherever possible. We have a wide range in glass jars since so many of our customers are keen to avoid plastic packaging. 

As Nicky says, “We put so much care into beekeeping in a sustainable way, we knew we had to think seriously about our packaging too. We are always looking and testing ideas around reducing our environmental impact”.

Many of our customers love to buy local, and this is very much a growing trend in the current environment. 

Some people enjoy picking their order up themselves, many prefer to order online, while others like to find us at the Nelson Market.

We are so proud of the special care that our team puts into the final stages of our honey’s journey. It gives us a kick that there is a person taking the time to place the labels on straight, not a machine.

We love how every one of our honey drizzlers is slightly different because each one is handcrafted from native timber offcuts by a family friend. It’s those little things that count.

“I’ve watched these on the lathe, being carefully crafted for us, the smell of the fresh turned wood takes me back to my childhood when I spent time with my dad in his workshop” comments Nicky.

Beech Honeydew Honey being Drizzled with Wooden Honey Drzzler

When you think about it, it’s not at all surprising that we take such pleasure when our honey makes its destination, and we get such great feedback from our customers. If you hang out with bees as much as we do, the concept of a hive mind makes perfect sense! 

The little survey that pops up after every order on our website is the perfect way for our customers to connect with us and make suggestions. Our new loyalty club, the Honey Pot, came about because so many people requested a club, especially for honey lovers. 

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