Native Bush Honey Captures the Essence of the New Zealand Bush

At Mountain Valley Honey, long treks into the bush are part of the job — and one of the best perks! If you’ve been lucky enough to wander in the Marlborough Sounds, or take one of the many walks in the beautiful Mt. Richmond Forest Park, then you’ll have a good idea of the breathtaking bush landscapes where our honey originates. 

These wilderness places are not just perfect for people who want to get away from it all, they also make fantastic locations for our bees. Far from urban noise, these hideaway worlds are rich with floral sources. 

All of our honeys have their own personality, but none captures the essence of the New Zealand bush quite like our Native Bush Honey. Just like your typical Kiwi bush walk, this honey has a little bit of everything — including the mystery of what lies just around the corner. 

Native Bush honey is a special favourite at Mountain Valley Honey, because we never know what it’s going to taste like until the first of the honey boxes are opened. 

People often ask us how we go about blending our honey. The truth is, we don’t! The bees do all the work for us. As we like to say, it’s ‘Blended by Nature’.

Every season turns us into detectives, as we try to guess where our bees have been and what flowers they have discovered. Every season is completely unique, with the honey telling us a different story about its origins.

Our Native Bush honey can be a blend of Beech Honeydew, Mānuka, Kānuka, Kāmahi, Five Finger and other plant varieties. Each of these sources contributes its own flavours and texture to the honey. Added to the sweet floral base will be spicy notes from the Mānuka and Kānuka and a caramelised toffee flavour from the Kāmahi. The Beech Honeydew contributes a richer colour, unique texture and fruitful flavours. 

This year we suspect that the bees have been enjoying lots of Beech Honey Dew because we are picking up on the lovely characteristics that it brings to the honey.

We like to call the Native Bush Honey our goldilocks honey — because this honey is ‘just right.’ It pretty much pleases everyone and is a big hit with families, with children often preferring the milder taste. Home cooks adore the smooth buttery texture and the depth of flavour that Native Bush honey brings to sweet and savoury dishes alike. It’s also perfect for spreading on toast, even after it’s settled in the jar over time. 

We are currently in the middle of our honey harvest and are looking forward to seeing what the bees have collected for us this season. The lab results for the batches will start to arrive back soon — it’s always a fun time guessing what they might tell us.

2022 is off to a terrific start — especially if you happen to be a bee!  The weather has been lovely and warm with lots of ‘fly time.’ That means that our bees are happily foraging and discovering lots of nectar and pollen from a variety of floral sources. But it’s not just the bees who enjoy the native bush at this time of the year.

We New Zealanders love getting into the bush for a walk, whether it’s a three day hike or a five minute stroll to a waterfall. And who could blame us? We’re so spoiled for choice when it comes to beauty spots in our country, especially in the Nelson region. 

At this time of the year our back gardens are literally humming with bees. We hope everyone is enjoying the summer as much as the bees are! Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to get out and about to explore this beautiful country of ours. Or perhaps you’re just finding time to stop and notice the little things, like watching the bees among the flowers. 

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, we wish you all the best for a fantastic year in 2022. 

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