It’s the Little Things that Count

Nelson is such a vibrant and exciting place in summer, with everyone taking to the beaches, mountains and rivers. At Mountain Valley Honey we are full of excitement too, and anticipation — because summer is when we finally see the results of the year’s hard work. Last week we began the extraction of this season’s honey. 

As always, it was a pure delight to retrieve those first few boxes of the summer, all fragrant and oozing with sticky goodness. It is one of those little joys that makes our job so rewarding and marks the beginning of our most thrilling time of the year.

In the summertime, our bees are really out in force, having built up their numbers over spring. Now our hives are truly buzzing away, each with up to 50,000 bees inside. The honey boxes, which we located so carefully during spring, will be filling up quickly as our tiny workers go about their business. 

The Kamahi, with its delicate brush-like flowers, has been in bloom for the past couple of months, so the honey from those areas will be extracted soon. The Manuka will come soon after with it’s brief but prolific flowering period, so our bees will really be making the most of it! 

Temperatures since Christmas have been a little cooler this year, with the odd sprinkle of rain, but the bees have had plenty of sunshine and lovely conditions in which to work. We can’t help thinking how lucky we are, and our thoughts go out to Australia as they endure a horrendous fire season. 

Our own fires in Nelson last year are still very fresh in the memory. We can only imagine the heartbreak experienced by all those people who have lost so much. Our best wishes and thoughts are with our Aussie neighbours and the incredible battle they are fighting. 

For us, the beginning of a new year, and a fresh new decade, is a chance to reflect a little. Our little corner of the world is so special, and we feel privileged to live and work in it every day. We get to work in such stunning locations, with wonderful people, while producing a true wonder of nature. 

We get such joy making honey. Perhaps a little piece of our happiness is captured in every pot of honey — we like to think so. As we enter into the New Year, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our friends and customers a safe and happy 2020.  

Always remember – it’s the little things that count.

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