Just In… Gift Vouchers

The Kānuka honey has been collected and all of the honey harvests are now complete, with the sticky business of extraction in full swing. We’re feeling very grateful for another beautiful harvest. And what better time than the golden days of Autumn to announce our new gift vouchers

While our Six Honey Gift Box is a great option to send overseas, or for a ‘honey novice,’ it can be difficult to know which honey to buy.  Everyone has their favourite — not everyone enjoys strong-flavoured honeys like Mānuka, Kānuka or Honeydew. Foodies, in particular, have a habit of falling in love with a particular honey. And when it comes to culinary uses, every chef has their own preferences.

Our gift vouchers now make it easy to send the perfect gift to somebody special. Available in physical or digital form, the vouchers can be purchased from our website. The lucky person receiving your gift is then free to make their own selection, directly from our website. Each voucher has its own special code that can be entered when checking out. The fun of choosing is all part of the gift! 

If you have any questions about how it all works, just give us a call at 03 541 8930 or email us at orders@mountainvalleyhoney.co.nz. Our friendly team prides itself on delivering the best possible service.

Honey has been a popular gift since ancient times thanks to its healing properties and beauty benefits — not to mention its wonderful taste. The gift of honey has seen a resurgence in recent times, too. This is partly due to the growing body of research backing up ancient wisdom. But these days many people are also keen to seek out smaller, more natural gifts. At this time of the year, some see it as a great alternative to commercially produced Easter eggs. 

Honey is always a big hit with foodies, health-conscious people, makers of DIY beauty products, or anyone who appreciates ethically-produced, sustainable products. The latter is very important to us, too. Our bees forage in remote forests, pristine valleys and the hidden waterways of New Zealand. They are a valued part of our family and we are proud to do everything we can to ensure they are safe and happy. 

Pure, wild and beautiful, our honey really does feel like a gift from Nature. We love looking at all the pots lined up on the shelves in our warehouse. Each one seems to capture the essence of the beautiful places we work. We get a real kick out of sending our honey out into the world, knowing that others will get to share in this special gift from our beloved bees. 

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