Mid Winter Sale

With winter well upon us, now is a good time to focus on our health and making sure our immune system is in good shape to protect us from winter colds and flu.

Research shows that raw honey is full of antioxidants and nutrients that largely come from pollen in the honey. Raw honey also has antibacterial properties and other enzymes that are highly beneficial for the immune system.

Mānuka, Kānuka and Beech Honeydew, in particular, are reported to each have unique properties that could be beneficial to our health.

That is why, we’re discounting these special honeys, along with bee pollen, by 15% for members of The Honey Pot from now until the end of June.

We all need a little extra care this winter and the natural goodness of raw honey is just the thing to give your body a boost — what could be easier than a spoonful of honey?

Ready to join The Honey Pot and save? It’s FREE to join!

We don’t discount our honey very often so be sure to make the most of this great offer! Bulk Honey (20kg Polypail) is not included in this promotion.

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