MVH is NZ made, and we’ve got the certificate to prove it!

In honey markets worldwide, there will always be honey that is marketed as something it’s not. So, obtaining a ‘Certificate of Licence’ is crucial to ensuring the authenticity of honey for consumers.

Mountain Valley Honey have just received ours through a membership programme allowing the use of the known and trusted ‘New Zealand Made’ trademark.

The ‘New Zealand Made’ trademark is a brand to showcase New Zealand’s fabulous products, produced right here in Aotearoa.

For Mountain Valley Honey co-owner, Nicky Elwood, it’s a fantastic way to promote and have pride in New Zealand and the amazing products it grows and produces.

“We join every year, as we love having the trademark on our products to give our customers that extra confidence they’re buying a New Zealand produced honey.”

Being able to use ‘New Zealand Made’ on a product can be helpful when making purchase choices in stores and online.

“It’s buyer confidence. Simple.”

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