Spotlight on Kāmahi honey – a New Zealand honey to be celebrated!

Kāmahi honey deserves to be celebrated for its unique flavours that pair deliciously with all kinds of foods.

Kāmahi honey comes from the Native New Zealand Kāmahi flower, which is white and spikey. The Kāmahi trees can grow up to 25 metres tall.

We’re lucky enough to be able to harvest our Kāmahi honey locally in the Marlborough Sounds and the Mt. Richmond Forest Park.

Kāmahi honey is a rich, golden colour and has a smooth, soft texture followed by an intense full-bodied flavour, like molasses or burnt toffee.

Being a fragrant honey, it pairs deliciously with fresh fruit and creamy white mould cheeses, such as Brie and Camembert. The ideal accompaniment to a cheese platter.

Kāmahi honey also makes a great base to sweet sauces, whilst being a perfect balancer for spicy dishes, such as Thai food.

Our team enjoy a well-earned morning cup of coffee, and after many friendly debates and tests, we think that Kāmahi honey is the best sugar replacement for coffee, as it gives the brew a sweet hit but also enhances the flavour of the coffee. The perfect match!

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