Autumn Gold Honey

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Autumn Gold Honey has a light texture that is well balanced from entry to finish, rich and sticky. A mellow taste with slightly toasty notes coming through.

Our very own ‘Ode to Autumn,’ this unique honey is full of mellow fruitfulness and ripe intensity with hints of apricot and oranges.

A divine marriage of floral honeys, such as Manuka, Clover, Kamahi or Lotus, and the heady sweetness of Beech Honeydew.



Autumn Gold’s strong, toasty flavours make it a versatile honey for cooking. Fantastic for dressings, marinades and glazes, it is also a popular choice with bakers, contributing complex flavours to biscuits and fruit loaves.


The presence of pollen sources means this golden honey will eventually crystallize into a rich, semi-solid state however the large percentage of beech honeydew means this honey takes longer to solidify than most.


Rich with the aroma of butterscotch and hints of cherry blossom mixed with honeycomb.


Sourced from the bush-clad regions of the Buller, and the Mt. Richmond Forest Park.

Autumn Gold Honey Reviews

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  2. Inaya C.

    My favourite honey so far from Mountain Valley. It’s a runny honey and great for everything from toast to tea to porridge, and it tastes fantastic – not too strong but not too mellow either.

  3. Carol D.

    Shhh… do not tell everyone or it will run out. Sublime taste after tasting many honeys worldwide. Wonderful in black coffee. My treat for the day and I do not share… so sorry. Buy your own, you will love it.

  4. Peter C.

    Great honey at good price and a very good crowd to deal with. Definitely a regular customer now.

  5. Shirlene H.

    Beautiful honey! We love this honey… use it for toast, breakfast & baking. It lends itself quite well to whatever needs sweetening. I love it in my homemade bagels… just divine when toasted.

  6. Dionne N.

    I love this honey. Brought it at the markets in Nelson in 2016 and have been ordering it ever since. Love it on toast. Plus it doesn’t crystallise and it comes in a glass jar.

  7. Stephanie L.

    I’m particularly fond of this variety. It’s lovely instead of sugar in my favourite bran muffin recipe. I recommend this honey for every season, not just Autumn!!

  8. Janice M.

    This is the perfect honey for the autumn season. With a flavour to match what you find in the bush, it’s great for keeping the allergy issues at bay. Goes so well on crumpets and English muffins with a cup of tea.

  9. Sue B.

    The Autumn Gold has been my favourite Mountain Valley Honey for several years now. It’s impossible to resist the glorious colour of this honey and the promise is delivered when you spread it on your freshly baked sourdough. I swear there’s nothing better. ❤️

  10. K. Lloyd-Smith

    This was the first Mountain Valley Honey we ever bought – from a local store at least a decade ago. A favourite, all-rounder for everything and anything – and the 1kg glass jar looks so good sitting out on the kitchen bench – love it!

  11. Carsten R.

    What a smooth and round honey. I got a box with 6 different sorts of NZ honey, and this one is just superb. My little girl loves it on buttered toasts, like me!

  12. Andrew C.

    Mountain Valley Autumn Gold Honey – once tasted, never forgotten. It’s runny and we use it in many ways – coffee, tea, hot lemon juice, drizzled on yogurt over desserts – it’s one of our go-to honeys every day, along with the other great tasting MVH in our pantry.

  13. Brigit N.

    When my daughter visited us from Australia, she tasted the difference with Autumn Gold honey and what she got there. She loved it so much that we inquired as to whether she could take it back through customs with her, and she could. When we are able to visit her, it’ll be one of the gifts we take for her as she’s run out – her housemates love it too 🙂

  14. Kelly S.

    Another great honey. This is slightly less strong than the bush honey with a lovely warm flavour. It pours well and is great for both eating and cooking. I often have this one at home.

  15. Davis C.

    Beautifully light smooth flavour and texture, not too sweet with gentle caramel tones. Great with breakfast cereal and baking. Thankfully, doesn’t crystallise.

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