Bakers Honey

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Bakers honey is a combination of many varieties of honey that are mixed together in the extraction process. This honey has been heated. It has a strong aroma and taste. Great in baking and marinades.


3 reviews for Bakers Honey

  1. Stephanie L.

    If you love to bake, this is a fabulous option. With a strong, almost molasses texture and flavour, it’s what I would call a full-bodied honey. Don’t be put off by the darker hue, it’s a wonderful product and excellent value in a 2kg tub. (How do they do it for the price, I wonder??) 😉

  2. Susan R.

    A deep true honey flavour, almost like it’s unprocessed. Great value and flavour for cooking and baking, but it is equally good on toast or pancakes if you like a stronger flavour.

  3. Kloth K.

    I bought this for baking, and it’s fabulous for that, but it’s got such a beautiful rich flavour that I also use it on toast and in tea.

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