Baker’s Honey

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Honey is the perfect alternative to sugar in cooking and baking.

It's sweeter than sugar (meaning you need less of it) and you can also capture the unique taste of New Zealand honey within your dishes.

Bakers Honey is a combination of many varieties of native New Zealand honey that are mixed together in the extraction process. It has a bold caramel flavour with that unique NZ honey taste.

Unlike all our other honeys (which are raw and unpasteurized) Bakers Honey is heated to keep the honey smooth and runny - making it perfect for cooking and baking!

Can you eat it like normal honey?

Sure! It has a pretty strong flavour but there's nothing stopping you drizzling it on your favourite breakfast or dessert! People use our Bakers Honey for all sorts of things.

Can you ship Bakers Honey internationally?

Unfortunately, we cannot send Bakers Honey overseas.
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Baker’s Honey Reviews

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  2. Stephanie L.

    If you love to bake, this is a fabulous option. With a strong, almost molasses texture and flavour, it’s what I would call a full-bodied honey. Don’t be put off by the darker hue, it’s a wonderful product and excellent value in a 2kg tub. (How do they do it for the price, I wonder??) 😉

  3. Susan R.

    A deep true honey flavour, almost like it’s unprocessed. Great value and flavour for cooking and baking, but it is equally good on toast or pancakes if you like a stronger flavour.

  4. Kloth K.

    I bought this for baking, and it’s fabulous for that, but it’s got such a beautiful rich flavour that I also use it on toast and in tea.

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