Beech Honeydew Honey

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Beech Honeydew Honey has a silky texture with hints of flavour like berries, nectar and caramel.

An aromatic reminder of a day in the lakeside bush. Enticing like a spring morning.

Our Beech Honeydew has a big personality capturing the essence of its wild origins. To make this special honey, our bees gather droplets of honeydew from the trunks of beech trees.

Research suggests that Honeydew Honey has high levels of antioxidants, along with strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies also suggest Honeydew contains high levels of Oligosaccharides, a powerful prebiotic that supports and promotes beneficial gut bacteria.



Use Beech Honeydew to add a flavour kick to muesli, cereal and smoothies, or transform your morning toast into something divine. This honey holds its own in the kitchen, providing the perfect complement for strong flavours, such as pears, apples and blue cheese.


Perfect for drizzling, this rich, dark honey will maintain its runny texture, right to the bottom of the pot.


Beech Honeydew’s strong aromas are reminiscent of our lakeside bush areas, with earthy hints of berries and caramel.


Foraged from deep in the beech forests of the South Island’s Buller region

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Reviews for Beech Honeydew Honey

6 reviews for Beech Honeydew Honey

  1. Jill B.

    This is our favorite-ever honey for the mornings porridge! Lovely taste & delightfully runny.

  2. Inaya C.

    Very dark in colour, runny and has a very strong taste, almost molasses-like. Really good for flavouring porridge and tea.

  3. Yvonne E.

    Second lot of honey we have purchased now. This is a very light, not too sweet honey which suits me perfectly.

    Like the fact it is available in glass jars also. 1kg goes a long way. Will be back again.

  4. Shari L.

    I love this honey – nature’s most wonderful caramel taste 🙂

  5. Margaret C.

    I really love this honey. Great for on porridge, but I also stew feijoas with it – the perfect sweetener for this fruit.

  6. Susan R.

    Clear amber in colour and tastes like liquid toffee. Absolutely beautiful and my favorite. I don’t even pretend to put it on toast – it’s scooped straight from the jar.

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