Clover Honey

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Clover Honey is a sweet, smooth honey that is light in colour and texture. Great on hot buttery toast.

Evoking childhood memories of lazy summer days, this well-loved honey is straight out of a storybook.

Completely at home in the kitchen, this variety is perfect with scones or freshly baked bread.

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Clover honey is uniquely sweet, yet mild, with complex flavours that take tea, coffee and desserts to the next level.


This honey has a sunny colour and light texture.


Delicately scented, evoking meadow flowers, or perhaps a picnic in an ancient orchard.


From the orchards, berry fields and rolling hills of Nelson and Marlborough.

Clover Honey Reviews

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  2. Sue T.

    A good all-rounder. Great for everything – Breakfast, cereals, toast, baking and drinks.

  3. Janice M.

    This is a pantry staple. It goes with just about everything and is the go-to honey in our house.

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