Kāmahi Honey

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Kamahi Honey has a smooth, soft texture followed by an intense full-bodied flavour likened to molasses or burnt toffee. Like the creamy blossoms of the Kāmahi tree, this is a sophisticated, elegant honey.

After many friendly debates and taste tests, our team thinks that Kamahi honey is also the best sugar replacement in coffee, giving the brew a sweet hit and enhancing the flavour.



Kamahi honey pairs deliciously with creamy, white-mould cheeses, such as Brie and Camembert. Its sweet intensity enhances the flavour of fresh berries, provides an exquisite base for sweet sauces, and can be used to balance spicy dishes, such as Thai food.


Kamahi honey is a rich, amber colour with a smooth, soft texture.


Beautifully fragrant, Kāmahi honey smells like caramel or toffee, with just a hint of vanilla.


Our Kamahi honey originates in the breathtakingly beautiful Marlborough Sounds and Mt. Richmond Forest Park.

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Reviews for Kāmahi Honey

9 reviews for Kāmahi Honey

  1. Inaya C.

    A good honey, sticky but more solid than others like Autumn Gold. Gave it four stars because while it is nice, it doesn’t stand out quite as much in flavour or texture as some others. I’ve enjoyed it best on toast.

  2. Athol G.

    I love the rich flavour and texture.

  3. Lisa R.

    Lovely rich flavour. I have to agree with your team it’s great in your morning coffee and I also like to use it in cooking.

  4. Davis C.

    Delicious rich butterscotch flavour. Distinctly different from the Autumn Gold. My honey of choice over the last 2 years.

  5. Rose Aitken

    I friggen love this product and this company! I adore everything about their Kamahi honey which I always buy and my dealings with them online (since COVID) and at the Saturday market have always been great. I find honey of enormous benefit rather than sugar and will continue to buy this quality product at a great price. Thank you Mountain Valley!

  6. Alison S.

    Hot toast, butter and slathers of dripping Kamahi honey – heaven!

  7. Tatjana G

    During my tour through Australia and New Zealand, I bought a set of Manuka, Native Bush and Kamahi honey. Although I usually add local honey into my coffee, I enjoyed the unique taste of Kamahi honey as a special treat early in the morning.

  8. Sarah B.

    My personal favourite on toast.

  9. Janice M.

    A rich, satisfying honey. A real winter favourite of mine. A great complement to stewed rhubarb intead of sugar.

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