Kanuka Honey

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Kanuka honey is a lovely honey with a silky, light, sweet floral taste. A member of the myrtle family, otherwise known as tea-tree, Kanuka honey is mānuka’s shy cousin, and one of New Zealand’s best-kept secrets.

Research indicates that Kanuka has high levels of hydrogen peroxide and unique anti-inflammatory properties. This research suggests it may be an effective treatment for skin conditions such as rosacea, cold sores, and actinic keratosis.

Kanuka honey can be applied topically, straight from the jar, or used as a fragrant face mask.

Learn more about Kanuka Honey’s unique health benefits HERE.



Kanuka Honey is a delicious floral honey with rich, complex flavours. Add fragrant sweetness to your tea, or stir it into hot lemon drinks on cold wintry days.


The colour of glowing amber, Kanuka honey has a light silky texture.


A heady fragrance, infused with warm summer fruit.


Our Kanuka is sourced from the beautiful Marlborough Sounds and Mt. Richmond Forest Park regions.

Kanuka Honey Reviews

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  2. Jill B.

    Great value honey with delicious flavour!

  3. Louise C.

    Kanuka honey has a beautiful flavour

  4. Clemence L.

    The best honey according to my husband. Good taste, a bit tree-like or bushy… excellent texture. Love it!

  5. Stephanie L.

    This is my pick from the Mountain Valley Honey range. It has rich caramel/vanilla notes, and a beautiful aroma. I love to use this one in baking.

  6. Cristiano D.

    Love the consistency and flavor depth. Best on its own as it has particular flavor.

  7. Athol G.

    This has a great flavour and texture.

  8. Brian N.

    Made a wonderful sparking mead. The flavour of honey came through very well.

  9. Colin G.

    First time I have tasted Kanuka honey. Lovely pleasant flavour, really enjoyable to eat. Great quick friendly service from Mountain Valley Honey.

  10. Neil B.

    Kanuka is my pick! I grew up on a farm where we had a lot of kanuka and the local beekeeper paid us in honey for having hives. The rich distinctive flavour of kanuka honey takes me back to my childhood!

  11. Sue B.

    This is the honey for anyone who finds Manuka Honey just a little full-on. It’s rich but not too rich, while also offering health benefits. I love that you can not only take a teaspoon a day to keep the doctor away, but also apply it topically to treat inflammatory skin conditions.

  12. Rose B.

    Very tasty flavoursome honey. Great on ciabatta toast with a tasty coffee.

  13. John K.

    I originally ordered Mountain Valley Kanuka honey for its special qualities in repairing some sun damaged skin I have. It has been excellent for this. I was however amazed at its unique taste. What a fantastic honey.

  14. Eon L.

    I have tried honey from all over the world. Your honey is indeed World Class, the Kanuka honey has excellent sweetness and great floral flavours you can taste flowers which produced this honey hats off to you and your Bees.

  15. Andrew C.

    We love all Mountain Valley honeys – in fact, we buy 10 jars at a time. Kanuka is just one of the many gorgeous MVH flavours we love so much.

  16. Richard H.

    Beautiful delicious flavour. We have a teaspoon a day. It reminds us of how lucky we are to have quality products like this produced in our country. The service is great. The honey arrived in a few days and it was neatly packaged. Very happy.

  17. Sarah B.

    Delicious taste and texture, lovely and deep.

  18. Janice M.

    Gorgeous rich flavour and wonderful golden colour to this smooth honey. This is the perfect honey for an after-work toast snack as a satisfying pick me up. Just love it.

  19. Dallas H.

    I absolutely love this honey! It has the best flavour and many of the benefits of its richer cousin Manuka honey but I think has a far better taste.

  20. Gerold M.

    Initially bought this to treat rosacea on my scalp. Apply it daily for 30-45 minutes before my morning shower. Works very well, reduces redness by about 80%. Also discovered it’s a great tasting honey, by the spoonful, on toast, to sweeten herb tea, and instead of sugar for rhubarb compote. Brilliant stuff.

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