Kānuka Honey

(7 customer reviews)

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Kānuka honey is a lovely honey with a silky, light, sweet floral taste. A member of the Leptospermum family Kānuka honey is Mānuka’s shy cousin, and one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets.

Research indicates that Kānuka has high levels of hydrogen peroxide, and unique anti-inflammatory properties. This research suggests it may be an effective treatment for skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, acne and cold sores.

Kānuka honey can be applied topically, straight from the jar, or used as a fragrant face mask.



A delicious floral honey with rich, complex flavours. Add fragrant sweetness to your tea, or stir it into hot lemon drinks on cold wintry days.


The colour of glowing amber, this honey has a light silky texture.


A heady fragrance, infused with warm summer fruit.


Sourced from the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, beautiful Southern Marlborough region and Mt. Richmond Forest Park regions.

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Reviews for Kānuka Honey

7 reviews for Kānuka Honey

  1. Jill B.

    Great value honey with delicious flavour!

  2. Louise C.

    Kanuka honey has a beautiful flavour

  3. Clemence L.

    The best honey according to my husband. Good taste, a bit tree-like or bushy… excellent texture. Love it!

  4. Stephanie L.

    This is my pick from the Mountain Valley Honey range. It has rich caramel/vanilla notes, and a beautiful aroma. I love to use this one in baking.

  5. Cristiano D.

    Love the consistency and flavor depth. Best on its own as it has particular flavor.

  6. Athol G.

    This has a great flavour and texture.

  7. Brian N.

    Made a wonderful sparking mead. The flavour of honey came through very well.

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