Mānuka Honey Black Label Range

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Mānuka has a strong tangy taste, naturally settled with a slightly grainy texture. Our black label Mānuka is available in 3 different MGO ratings. 265+ (UMF 10+) 356+ (UMF 12+) 514+ (UMF 15+).

These honeys are tested and meet all the new MPI definition for Mānuka.

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Why Mountain Valley Honey?
Raw & Unpasteurised

Pure, wild and beautiful - our honey is raw, unpasteurized and uncreamed. We keep processing to a minium to ensure your honey is just like nature intended.

Foraged in the wild

Capturing the flavour of the New Zealand wilderness, our bees forage in remote forests, stunning mountains, pristine valleys and the hidden waterways of New Zealand.

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Hardworking and efficient, just like our bees, our team prides itself on delivering the best service possible - every time. Give us a call at 03 541 8930.

We care for our Bees

To honour the bees and everything they do we do everything we can to ensure they are safe and happy. They are are an important part of our family.