Mānuka Honey MGO83+

(24 customer reviews)

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Manuka Honey has a full-bodied, grainy and firm texture with a scrumptiously strong earthy flavour.

Our red label Manuka has been tested and meets the MPI Manuka Honey definition and has a rating of MGO83+ (equivalent to UMF 5+).

Not only does Mānuka have a brief flowering season, the best trees are located amongst New Zealand’s rugged wilderness — which only adds to the mystique of this beautiful honey.

With growing research showing Manuka honey has unique antibacterial properties, there is little wonder it’s become the darling of the world.

Read about our annual Manuka Honey harvest HERE.



With deep, complex flavours and goodness in every teaspoon, it is entirely up to you whether to stir it into your tea, spread it on toast, or lick it straight off the spoon.


Reddish amber in colour, Manuka honey has a grainy, melt-in-the-mouth, texture


A richly fragrant, almost spicy, aroma.


Sourced from the beautiful Marlborough Sounds and Mt. Richmond Forest Park regions.

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Reviews for Mānuka Honey MGO83+

24 reviews for Mānuka Honey MGO83+

  1. Betty E.

    Mountain Valley Manuka Honey is my daily go to. Love it so much I’ve been driving up to Nelson from Christchurch for at least 12 years to get my fix. Since I’ve started having it I’ve not had even one cold. Beautiful taste and not too sweet.

  2. Caroline C.

    Absolutely gorgeous honey with a lovely flavour, by far the best Manuka Honey! Always amazing customer service from Mountain Valley Honey too.

  3. Lisa R.

    I do love this honey. Great all rounder, great for lemon honey drinks to keep those winter colds at bay. Also a great facial exfoliant! A must.

  4. AJ L.

    My husband and I do the same travel every year from Christchurch to Nelson to buy the Manuka Honey 2kg pot at the Nelson markets. I have it on my porridge every day – its yummy!

  5. David J.

    We have Manuka honey daily and recently tried this local brand. I really enjoy the raw taste and firm texture of this honey. What’s better is that this is from my local.

  6. Jean B.


  7. Steven T.

    Delicious honey! I’ve been buying it for friends and myself for a while now. Everyone loves the flavour! Customer service is 1st Class too!

  8. Sabine H.

    I use a spoonful of Mountain Valley Manuka Honey every day, first thing in the morning in a warm lemon & honey drink, and sometimes I add spices like turmeric and ginger as well. Delicious!! It is also very yummy on a warm & buttered piece of toast or on a cracker, together with nut butter (e.g. almond butter)!! I have been enjoying this particular honey for years, and love its full-bodied & strong flavour, as well as its firm & grainy texture.

  9. Deb C.

    We love this Manuka honey. Great taste and good value for money 😀

  10. Jo B.

    Mountain Valley Manuka Honey is excellent quality and their prices are so reasonable. It tastes delicious and rich, and I LOVE that you can buy it in GLASS jars! MVH’s customer service is also top-notch.

  11. Jude W.

    Great honey, great service and reasonably priced.

  12. Dawn T.

    Love this Manuka honey for the winter goodness! Not too strong on flavour, that even the younger members of the family do enjoy.

  13. K. Lloyd-Smith

    We have been buying this gorgeous Manuka honey for several years, not only for us but also to give as gifts at Christmas. Mountain Valley Manuka Honey on sourdough makes for a heavenly breakfast, as well as a sweet treat at any time of the day 🙂

  14. Andrew C.

    Always keep Mountain Valley Manuka in the pantry for health. Mountain Valley Manuka is unique because it contains special health properties used to support digestion, health, and healing. Wouldn’t be without it.

  15. Rob J.

    Mountain Valley Manuka honey is the best I have ever tasted. I enjoy the flavour and have brought the honey as presents for others too. Great service as well.

  16. Sarah B.

    Lovely honey, eat it myself and also as an anti-inflame for our older dog, and keep some in my groom kit for any dings my horse gets – it is very gentle and effective.

  17. Anthony W.

    Very tasty honey… Great on toast for breakfast.

  18. Tatjana G.

    I discovered Manuka honey during my tour through New Zealand. I’m delighted by its crunchy texture and sweetness.

  19. Rhona D.

    Affordable Manuka Honey with firm texture! Warm lemon juice with Manuka honey is our daily treat to keep our immune system in good shape. Its texture is excellent for a toast. Our day is incomplete without the intake of Manuka honey.

  20. Pip O.

    This Manuka honey is an absolute staple in our cupboard! So delicious on toast, and great to have on hand if any of us have a cold or sore throat too! Great price too, given how amazing the honey is!

  21. Annie P.

    I really love this Mountain Valley Manuka Honey. I have been buying from the Saturday market in Nelson for more years than I can remember. The price is very reasonable and the taste simply delicious!

  22. Rosa K.

    This is the best gift I can give my friend in Spain for Christmas. I want her and her family to keep strong and healthy for next year.

  23. Karen W.

    Can’t get enough 😀 Best honey ever.

  24. Virginia K.

    Your honey is a wonderful gift for family members.

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Why Mountain Valley Honey?
Raw & Unpasteurised

Pure, wild and beautiful. Our honey is raw, unpasteurized and uncreamed - just like nature intended.

Foraged in the wild

Our bees forage in remote forests, stunning mountains, pristine valleys and the hidden waterways of New Zealand.

Outstanding Service

Our team prides itself on delivering the best service possible - every time. Give us a call at 03 541 8930.

We care for our Bees

To honour the bees we do everything we can to ensure they are safe and happy. They are an important part of our family.